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Comcast Internet Subscriber? Get a FREE* Wireless N Router!


Comcast is currently offering the all new  All-In-One Xfinity Gateway. The new gateway provides a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, Wireless Router and MTA (Digital Phone) system. Rumor has it that existing customers may be offered the new gateway in January. They are also pushing their Signature Service calls for installation, but cost may exceed value in this instance.

My suggestion ? If you are not signed up for Digital Phone, Buy a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem and a Wireless N Router and save the monthly $7 equipment rental fee you are paying. The cost will take about two years to recoup but unless you plan on moving soon, chances are you are stuck with Comcast a while anyway, considering the lack of competition in the broadband arena these days.

 The PREVIOUS free wireless router from Comcast has been DISCONTINUED

Comcast offers a FREE* wireless router to Comcast customers that are leasing a High-Speed Internet modem or a Digital Voice modem from Comcast. All you pay is shipping and it must be returned along with your other equipment if you move or go with another provider. If you are currently leasing a router, they will reduce your router fee to $0. The router is a Netgear WNR1000v2, which retails for around $70.

Grab your Comcast bill and visit to begin the order process.


  • To qualify, you must currently lease a High-Speed Internet modem or a Digital Voice modem from Comcast. Please check your bill to see if you currently lease a modem.
  • Qualifying customers can receive one wireless router.

Customers already leasing a router:

  • If you currently lease a router from Comcast, you can keep your existing router and your monthly fee will be discounted to $0 a month.
  • If you would like to exchange your router, please enter your address below to order a new one. We will send you packaging materials with a prepaid label to return your current router. You will be charged for any unreturned equipment.
  • If you currently lease a Comcast Home Networking Gateway device, combination modem and router, you can exchange it for a separate modem and wireless router.

Important information regarding your order:

  • One-time shipping and handling fee of $9.95 for a Self-installation Kit or one-time professional installation fee applies.
  • Wireless routers are property of Comcast, and must be returned if service is canceled.
  • Router availability varies by area.

* you pay $9.95 shipping and the router remains the property of Comcast.

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  1. karen clouse
    karen clouse04-11-2011


    • Memphis PC Guy
      Memphis PC Guy04-12-2011

      Did you order the router via the link provided?

      If not, please try again. COmcast will ship the router and bill your Comcast Account the shipping fee of $9.95. You must be leasing a modem from Comcast which shows up as a monthly modem rental on your bill.

  2. J Washington
    J Washington04-11-2011

    I would like to get this free router and pay the shipping . You can send to to my home at * ADDRESS REMOVED *
    Thanks, J washington

  3. Peter

    I just got a Surfboard SB6120 router thinking I wanted a good modem though I am starting with Basic Comcast Broadband speed.

    Now I see I should have rented the Comcast modem if I want to get the free router.

    I have a G Cisco 10/100 router already, but is this the weak link. Will the Comcast setup be better than what I have. OR should i get a 1000 mbps router for better results with the Surfboard now, or in anticipation of future service upgrades?

    I can take the Surfboard back.

    I want the system to work better than it has with my old DSL connection. I want to watch NetFlix on line without problem, and we may decide we have to upgrade the speed eventually. Any ideas appreciated.

    • Memphis PC Guy
      Memphis PC Guy05-02-2011

      The current price for leasing a modem from Comcast is $7 a month. You are better off keeping the Motorola 6120 DOCSIS 3.0 Modem and purchasing an N Router such as a D-Link or Cisco(Linksys). You will recoup your money spent in less than two years of Rentals and chances are Modem Rentals will goto $10 this time next year.

      • Peter

        Hey, thank you! This is finally getting sorted out. I have been discussing some with a person who tunes up my computer once in a while and it sounds like this is the way to go for me (keep the Motorola modem and look at getting a new router).

        Regards, Peter

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